You Come,

Well, aku nulis ini untuk seseorang
Aku nggak nyebut ini puisi atau apa
Tapi, ini untuk malaikat yang dipinjamkan Tuhan untukku

You come
You gave me a thousand hope
You gave me dreams
You gave me a spirit that I don’t know how to put it

You come
You changed my life
You make me get my life
You make me stronger, to be strongest in the end
You make me be your little girl, and get all from you

You come
You’re like an angel
You gave me confidence
You trusted me, you always said I could

I wanna hug you
I wanna be like you want
Like your little girl who loves firefly

You’re like an angel
You like the caffeine in my coffee cup
You’re real
You’re my angel
Sorry I can’t be like you
Sorry I couldn’t be a perfect little girl
This me, your little girl trying to be like your wishes

Thanks for everything
For your dreams,
For your spirit,
To your expectations,
I’m nothing without it all

That’s my word for my angel
 Enjoy in my blog :))

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