When It Rains

Pernahkah kalian menantikan sesuatu hal melalui proses yang panjang?
penantian, kesabaran, harapan, tangis, air mata. Gimana rasanya ketika semua itu terasa sia-sia, percuma?
Lalu, bagaimana jika mendadak, hal yang begitu kalian cintai, terasa begitu menjenuhkan?
mengubur penantian dan kesabaranmu?
I just wanna say this. 

when it rains,
when my tears fell with disappointment
when I felt so lonenly and cold
when I hope there will be a welcomed hand in the arms
hands are getting wiped my tears
and would stroke my hair

when it rains,
when I never get my hope, dreams, and love
when it rains it feels so badly
when it rains it makes me sadly

when it rains,
I'm not those who hate the rain
I'm a lover of rain
lovers are now becoming saturated with their beloved

when it rains,
when my dreams go
when my tears fell
oh, shit!!
I missed the caffeine in my coffee cup

thanks for reading
enjoy in my blog

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